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We all want the best nutrition for our children and to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need from the foods they eat. Digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics can provide the digestive support needed to promote and maintain overall digestive health all with the added security of knowing that our enzymes are pure plant-based and free of common fillers.

Our enzymes are derived from plant sources so they will survive the high-acid of the stomach and also the lower pH of the intestines to help support digestion from “end-to-end” as we say. Most animal enzymes made from pancreatic fluids need a special coating to get them through the stomach acid before they begin working. Wouldn’t you want to buy a product that STARTS working as soon as possible in your stomach?

Our Kidz Digest products contain Protease and DPP-IV digestive enzymes for complete protein digestion. One of the most common sources of allergies is protein (think gluten, dairy, etc.). Our DPP-IV is a protein digesting enzyme that works with your body’s own digestive enzymes to help break down difficult-to-digest proteins. The rest of the protease blend is specifically tailored to assist in the digestion of all dietary proteins. So your children have a whole mess of protein digesting enzymes at work on their food!

We’ve also made sure to include plenty of carbohydrase enzymes to help break down starch, fiber and sugar and lipase enzymes for complete digestion of fats along with a probiotic to help maintain good flora. We include flax seed because it is a balanced source of omega fatty acids with fewer allergy issues for most people.

Kidz Digest Powder
Kidz Digest Powder
Comprehensive enzyme blend with DPP IV enzymes
Transformation Kidz Digest Chewable 90 or 180 tablet bottle
Transformation Kidz Digest Chewable
90 or 180 tablet bottle
Comprehensive enzyme blend with DPP IV enzymes
Transformation Plantadophilus Probiotic 30 capsules
Transformation Plantadophilus Probiotic
30 capsules

Classic Formula! Single-strain, GI stable probiotic

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