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Plant vs Animal Enzymes

by Lisa Helffrich, RD

One of the most notable characteristics between Enzyme Essentials’ enzyme products and many other supplemental oral enzyme products currently on the market is the source of the enzymes. Enzyme Essentials’ enzymes are mycelial-derived (fungal) or commonly referred to as “plant-based enzymes ” as opposed to being pancreatic which are derived from the pancreas of an animal.Enzymes derived from animals, or pancreatic enzymes, present the same possible contaminants that other non-organic, genetically modified animal by-products do.

Additionally, pancreatic enzymes are limited in where they work in the digestive tract. They cannot withstand the low pH in the stomach and therefore require an enteric coating if they are to pass through the stomach and remain active. The enteric coating is often made using ingredients such as waxes, shellac, and plastics something Enzyme Essentials prefers to avoid. This coating also means the pancreatic enzymes are not available to support digestion until they reach the small intestines. Enzyme Essentials’ digestive enzymes are plant based, pH stable, GMO-free, do not require an enteric coating and we blend the formulas to ensure digestive support throughout the entire digestive system. Plant based enzyme supplements are the better choice for overall digestive support.

Lisa Helffrich, RD, was the Director of Education for Transformation Enzyme Company for over 20 years. She holds a B.S. in Health Science from the University of Texas.

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Transformation Kidz Digest Chewable
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TPP Digest
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