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For over 20 years, Enzyme Essentials has offered our customers a membership program to allow them to buy the best enzymes and probiotics at the BEST prices.


Member Benefits

  • 15% off all products as long as you order 2 products monthly
  • No membership fee or extra handling charges
  • Ability to join our auto-shipment program (not required) to simplify your enzyme ordering
  • No coupon codes or special links needed - your discount is automatically applied when you login each time to order
Sounds great! How do I Join?

Register as a member today and start saving. Purchase at least 2 products today and then each month. Once you register then every time you return and login to buy your favorite products, your 15% discount is already applied - no codes needed!

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Why should I become a member?

If you want the best prices for your enzymes, every time, then sign up to become a member! As long as you purchase 2 products each month, then your 15% discount stays in place. Don’t worry, we will always send you a reminder about ordering each month so you don’t ever lose your 15% discount!

Want us to ship your 2 products automatically each month?

We can do that! Once you register and place your first order, we will contact you to ask if you’d like to set up an auto-shipment plan for your products. It’s not required, but some customers find it easier to sign up for an auto-shipment than to remember to place an order each month.

Can I cancel my auto-shipment at any time?

Of course! If you decide the auto-shipping doesn't work for you, just contact us at least 3 days before your normal shipping date and we will cancel future auto-shipments. As long as you continue to order at least 2 products each month, then you will always continue to receive the automatic 15% discount!

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