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  • F.A.Q: Digestive Enzyme Questions

    General questions relating to the application and use of supplemental digestive enzymes

    1. Park Davis Co. use to make a Digestive Enzyme under the trade name TAKAZYME.They no longer make it, but it was very good for indigestion .Would you know which enzyme it consist of, and do you have it or something simular in stock?
    2. We have a grandchild with Cystic Fibrosis. Enzymes are a required supplement.They are Lipase, Amylase, and Protease. Very expensive.We arelooking into possibility of natural types.How does USP Units compare with mg.? Thank You.
    3. I read an article about taking supplemental digestive enzymes to help gain weight. I'm very underweight. Is it safe to use them for that purpose?
    4. Compared to age 30, a person's body at 60 produces half the enzymes, so aditional enzymes should be taken?
    5. Does it hurt or inhibit the effectiveness of the enzymes if I take chromium picolinate, glucosomine or any herb supplements such as St. John's Wort? And what about Fibercon?
    6. What does "gastric distress" mean?
    7. Can a lack of certain enzymes (digestive) cause bad breath? can a lack of certain enzymes (digestive) cause bad breath? can a lack of certain enzymes (
    8. How should Digest Zyme, Gastro Zyme, and LypoZyme be used in conjunction with OxiCellZyme and the Plantadophilus? Should one or the other be used or only the one. For example Digest Zyme compared to the other two regular products?
    9. Which enzyme is responsible for digesting milk in humans?
    10. How many essential enzymes and non-essential enzymes are there? What are their names?
    11. I have heard athletes need more enzymes than people who don't exercise. But, doesn't exercise enhance the enzyme activity in the muscle? Wouldn't athletes need less because of this enhanced metabolism of carbohydrate, fat & protein for energy?
    12. How does one compare enzyme products when some manufacturers specify amounts in Milligrams, others use Units of Activity, such as HUT, DU, LU & CU? Is there a conversion factor that one can use?
    13. Can digestive enzymes help to eliminate excess bloating and gas?
    14. What foods (substrates) do enzymes act upon?

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