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Tell me about Member Pricing & the E-Club

E-Club Membership is a monthly plan designed to save you money while ensuring that you always have your supply of our digestive enzyme products.

See our full member price list with savings of over 20% on select products.

By becoming a member, you will automatically receive a monthly shipment of your products at a discounted price. Supplemental digestive enzymes deliver maximum value when taken on a consistent basis, and the E-Club provides high quality supplementation at a cost effective price.  To learn details about the E-Club benefits, services, and how to take advantage immediately of your membership discount, please see E-Club Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are interested in a CUSTOM E-Club plan (any 2 products shipped monthly), please contact us.

While you can order any products we sell, if you are starting a digestive enzyme and probiotic regimen, we have 2 plans that offer a great start at the best discount we offer:

Get MAXIMUM nutrition with digestive enzymes!

Basic E-Club

Enhanced E-Club

Interested in a different mix of products?

Contact us about a CUSTOM E-Club plan
(any 2 products shipped monthly)!

We do not accept PayPal as a payment method for a member-price E-Club package.You may order a non-member priced package using Pay Pal on our Order Page.

Your immune system has been challenged for years; digestive enzymes help give it the support it needs to maintain your vitality and health. For more information why this is the case, see Enzymes Explained.

We ship on all business days Monday through Friday. Your Enzyme Nutrition System will typically ship within 48 hours of your order. Your permanent password, giving you access to membership discounts on other Enzyme Essentials products, will be e-mailed to before your second shipment.

Product Non-Member Member Price
BalanceZyme Plus $39.95 $32.95
CalmZyme $22.95 $18.25
Digest 90 capsules $52.95 $42.95
DigestZyme 120 capsules $31.95 $26.95
DigestZyme 240 capsules $53.95 $43.95
Kidz Digest Chewable 180 tablets $58.95 $48.95
Kidz Digest Chewable 90 tablets $31.95 $26.95
Kidz Digest Chewable 30 tablets $14.95 $12.95
Kidz Digest Powder $42.95 $34.95
Energy Burst Plus $15.95 $14.95
ExcellZyme $22.50 $18.25
GastroZyme $23.50 $18.50
Carbo-G (formerly GlutenSense) $44.95 $35.00
LypoZyme $26.95 $22.95
MasterZyme $35.95 $28.50
Plantadophilus $28.95 $24.95
PureZyme 120 capsule $39.95 $31.95
PureZyme 200 capsule $62.00 $54.00
PureZyme Plus (with bromelain) $36.95 $30.95
ReleaseZyme $23.50 $18.95
RepairZyme 45 capsules $24.95 $19.95
RepairZyme 120 capsules $44.95 $35.95
Super CellZyme $32.25 $27.95

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