Protein shakes, powders and bars are everywhere these days. Many people are on high protein diets to keep up with training needs or reach a weight goal, but did you know that a diet high in protein can put a lot of added stress on your digestive system and your kidneys? If you are eating a healthy diet and involved in an exercise program, you are likely a very healthy individual. But while the energy bars, sports drinks and protein powders help you reach you body weight goals, they may also add digestive stress to your body.

Why do we need protein?
But let’s start with the reason people may be taking the protein in the first place. Muscle, bone, connective tissue along with antibodies, and hormones are all made up of mainly proteins. We constantly need to replenish our body’s cells and need the amino acids found in protein to do this. Proteins must be then broken down into amino acids to be bio-available to our body’s cells and this begins in the stomach and continues into the intestines. However, the further along the proteins get without being broken down into amino acids, then the more likely they are to cause issues within your gut and immune system. This is where digestive enzyme supplements, particularly those high in protease, can help can be so important.

What happens to undigested proteins in your body?
These protein fragments can produce allergic reactions and even lead to irritation of the mucosal lining of the intestines. The undigested proteins can putrefy in the gut and lead to embarrassing (and stinky) gas.

How can I better support protein digestion?
That’s where digestive enzyme supplements can help. Every time you eat a protein bar, shake or even just a meal, your pancreas and gall bladder have to produce enzymes to help digest those foods. That’s their purpose. But as we age, our body becomes less efficient at producing enzymes. But when you take supplemental digestive enzymes, you support your body in proper digestion.

So when you are working to build those muscles and improve your outer body, don’t forget to stay fit on the inside and take a comprehensive digestive enzyme supplement with at least protease, lipase, and amylase to help support maximum nutrition, optimal circulation and immune function.

Our Digest 90 and DigestZyme products provide the complete digestive support you need and PureZyme is our protease-only product to support your high protein needs.

Have a question about protease supplements and supporting complete digestion? Contact us! We are here to help!

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