Still aren’t taking digestive enzymes with every meal? Five reasons why you need to start today!

Keeping your digestive system healthy should be an important part of your daily routine because as Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut.”  There are only two things you must supply the body’s cells with on a very regular basis and that is oxygen (breathing) and nutrients (from food).  Since you’re likely not going to consciously stop breathing, let’s look at the necessity of digestion. The only way you can get nutrients to the cells is via the digestive system. Do you eat a healthy, balanced diet and have regular elimination and still think you don’t need digestive enzymes? Think again! and read these 5 compelling reasons.

  1. To keep your cells healthy, you need to deliver the nutrients through good digestion. If your body doesn’t completely break down and digest your food, then you are not providing your cells with MAXIMUM nutrition. If your digestive system is compromised, your cells don’t get what they need and this can lead to disease and illness. As we age, our internal enzyme levels decrease, making  complete digestion more difficult. Taking enzymes with every meal can provide your cells the nutrients they need each day.
  2. Stress, no matter how big or small, compromises our digestive function.  While many of us strive to limit and manage the stress in our lives none of us are completely protected from it. Taking digestive enzymes keeps your digestive system at its best.
  3. Genetically modified foods (GMOs), fast food and highly processed packaged food are more difficult to digest.  We now eat food with chemicals that the body doesn’t even recognize as “food” and doesn’t even know how to break down, so there is an added burden on digestion that many cannot handle. Taking enzymes provides the support needed to ensure optimum digestion with each and every meal.
  4. Digestive diseases are on the rise and colo-rectal cancer and stomach cancer are on the World Health Organization’s top 10 list for causes of death. Digestive enzymes and probiotics support the digestive tract so it can function optimally.
  5. You don’t benefit from eating right unless you are digesting those healthy foods. All the good nutrition in the world will not provide benefits unless you are properly digesting it. Supporting digestion with digestive enzymes is a great way to promote optimum health.

We suggest a basic enzyme blend taken at the start of each meal. The enzyme blend should contain protease (to break down proteins), amylase (to break down starch and sugars), lipase (to break down fats) along with lactase, and other enzymes to support complete digestions of meals. We offer some great options on our website or contact us for suggestions!

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