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Do I have an infinite supply of digestive enzymes?
No. Until recently, many within the scientific community labored under the misconception that the digestive enzymes in our body are constant and last forever; that they can be used and reused; that they never get old and never wear out.

Researchers now know that we lose digestive enzymes through sweat and body waste. Through constant use, enzymes lose their strength and ability to do their work. As we age, the organs responsible for producing our digestive enzymes become less efficient. Today's environmental pollution, overly processed fast foods, genetically modified food, and microwave cooking can result in free radical damage, which lowers the body's effectiveness to produce enzymes. To offset this loss, we need to supplement our system with oral digestive enzymes.

What happens when we start to run low on enzymes?
Proper amounts of enzymes are a key part of optimum health. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES are needed to properly digest and metabolize nutrients.

When our body is stressed by a shortage of digestive enzymes two things can happen and both are bad:

1. Our body continues to work overtime to create the needed enzymes required to digest our food. This extra stress adversely affects our immune system and lowers our ability to protect ourselves from and fight off disease.

2. Because our body finally becomes so overworked, it can't make enough enzymes to properly digest our food. As this undigested food begins to pollute our body, the chances of chronic disease increase.

Supplemental digestive enzymes will deliver the necessary nutrients to fortify your body and can enhance your body's healing system often resulting in improved overall health and vitality.

What can I do to maintain my enzyme levels?
You don't need to be in this predicament and there are some ways to stay out of it. Now that you know you are running out of enzymes you can eliminate this problem quickly.

The digestive enzymes you need for the process of restoring and maintaining your health are available through the Enzyme Essentials E-Club. The E-Club is an Enzyme-Based Nutrition System designed to deliver a monthly supply of the supplemental digestive enzymes, essential nutrients, and antioxidants you will normally need to digest your food properly and put you on the path to optimum health.

The Basic E-Club is comprised of Digest 90 (or DigestZyme) and Plantadophilus. When taken consistently, this combination of Digest 90, a good digestive enzyme blend, and Plantadophilus, a highly active probiotic that helps control the pH balance in the lower intestinal tract, can put you on the road to a long-term health and wellness program designed to exceed every other vitamin and nutritional supplement program on the market today. Join the E-Club.

If you choose not to initially join the E-Club, but want to order our high-quality digestive enzymes, you can do that too. Order enzymes.

Are there certain enzymes I can take for special health conditions?
Here are some digestive enzymes designed to address specific problems or conditions.

  • If you have occasional indigestion or heartburn you may find relief using GastroZyme.
  • If you experience occasional anxiety or occasional insomnia then CalmZyme is an excellent product.
  • Occasional constipation may be alleviated with only two to three ReleaseZyme capsules per day to provide a natural way to regularity.
  • For those who have extra difficulty digesting fats (lipids), then LypoZyme should be considered with particularly heavy and fatty meals.
  • For those people who are serious about a weight management program, then BalanceZyme Plus can assist in balancing your appetite. This excellent product should be taken immediately (15-30 minutes) prior to a meal. It is also often used in conjunction with LypoZyme.

All of these products can be ordered online and are available to both E-Club members and non-members.

If you're ready to start restoring your enzyme potential, then Enzyme Essentials can help. See the complete list of all our products now!

If you have any questions about our products and how they can help you, contact us!


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