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Wondering if digestive enzymes can help you? Read what our customers have to say about our products and customer service!

I have a serious digestive problem caused by mega amounts of antibiotics over years of fighting serious infections after hip surgeries and removals of hips. The enzymes actually allow me to digest foods that would otherwise fly through my body. It also helps reduce flatulence.
Laura F., Iowa, customer since May 2001

I started taking a full regimen of Enzyme Essential supplements three years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I did not consider supplements as a substitute for sound clinical medicine. Rather, my goal was to build my immune system in hopes it would help with my cancer treatments. Today, I have every indication to believe the cancer was successfully treated. I must admit that no one knows the role that Enzyme Essentials supplements may have played. But, I know this. I went through a full regiment of 6 weeks of radiation treatments with very minimum side effects. My energy levels remained high throughout the treatment period, and continue to be exceptional today. At 65 years of age, I am enjoying a vigorous lifestyle. In addition, I have had three full years of significantly reduced occurrences of allergy-related problems, which were commonplace prior to the time I started using Enzyme Essentials supplements.
Bill G., Texas, customer since June 2001

All through my life I suffered from poor digestion. By age 50, I was in terrible pain after every meal, no matter what food I ate. Anti-acids only made the condition worse. Also, my immunity to flu and other viruses was declining, and I got lots of bad colds. It got to where I felt poorly most of the time. I did extensive research, and finally found Enzyme Essentials. Since I have been using these fine products I have had no heartburn or pain at all. When others have colds, I don't get them! My body has now started producing its own enzymes properly, and my health is improved drastically. I feel good all the time now! My family has seen similar results. Thanks to Enzyme Essentials, life is much more enjoyable.
Del W., Arizona, customer since 2001


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