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E-Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Exactly is the E-Club?
A. It is a membership service which provides you with a monthly supply of enzyme-based digestive supplements which we all need, but we particularly need as we pass the age of 40. Your monthly supply of enzymes are automatically mailed directly to you each month for as long as you are a member. There is no fee or special membership charge to join; you simply agree to receive your monthly supply of supplemental enzymes until you tell us you no longer want to receive them; there is no cancellation fee. During the time you are a member you will enjoy the additional benefit of discounts on other Enzyme Essentials' nutritional supplements.

Q. What are these supplements?
A. The Basic Enzyme Nutrition System consists of two high quality nutritional supplements: Digest 90 (or DigestZyme) and Plantadophilus.

Digest 90 is a vegetarian, professional strength, all-natural digestive enzyme-only formula that supports digestion with a potent blend of pure plant enzymes. It contains Protease to digest proteins, Lipase to digest fats, and Amylase to digest starches and sugars. Digest 90 is gluten-free, soy-free, and has no fillers.

You can learn more about how and why enzymes are important to good health by reading Enzymes Explained.

DigestZyme is a also an "enzyme-only" digestive enzyme supplement. It contains no additional herbal ingredients and is a good choice for those with food allergies or for children as it contains some probiotic and is a small capsule.

Plantadophilus is a probiotic which is often called the "good" flora needed by your colon and lower intestinal system. Plantadophilus provides that all important pH balance needed by your colon to prevent the formation of  too much "bad" bacteria. It also is a natural antibiotic which provides many protective functions to the entire system. If you don't fully understand the role and importance of Plantadophilus, you can read more here.

In summary,Digest 90 is an enzyme supplement designed to help promote availability and absorption of nutrients, health and vitality of cells, and improved overall digestive and immune system health.* When taken daily with meals, your upper digestive system will be enhanced and fortified, helping to relieve the body's organs from having to totally "carry the digestive load". This in turn allows the body to concentrate on other cell building and replacement functions and provides more energy to the immune system.

The Plantadophilus takes care of the lower part of the digestive tract where waste and bacterial build up.

Q. I know there is also the Enhanced Enzyme Nutrition System; what is the difference between the Basic Enzyme Nutrition System and the Enhanced Enzyme Nutrition System?
A. First let's be clear that both are very good. The Enhanced Enzyme Nutrition System is simply the Basic Enzyme Nutrition System PLUS a bottle of the enzyme protease blends, PureZyme.

Digestive proteases are the enzymes that help digest protein. Digestive proteases are included in Digest and DigestZyme along with amylases, which digest carbohydrates, and lipases which digest fat (lipids). The blend of protease hydrolytic enzymes, however, when taken in sufficient quantities between meals (on an empty stomach) have the capability to move through the digestive tract and directly into the blood where they provide meaningful immune response modulation.

The decision of which of the two Nutrition Systems you choose (Basic or Enhanced) is dependent on your own situation and personal need.

Q. Am I committed to any contract when I join the E-Club?
A. Absolutely NOT. You can resign at any time. It should be noted that many people who have started taking digestive enzymes have found the results to be quick and immediate. This is often the case with those suffering from occasional heartburn and occasional acid indigestion. However, we feel that meaningful change may not take place for 60-90 days from the time you start your enzyme regimen. So we would caution you that if you are serious and plan to spend your money wisely, expect to see the changes over a three month period. Digestive enzyme supplementation is not claimed to be or designed as a quick fix. It has taken your body many years to get into its current state. The toxins that pollute the body must be cleared out and removed. Enzymes help do this, but give them a little time.

Q. Are there other benefits when I join the E-Club?
A. There are numerous benefits. You are supplied with a password access to the "Members Only" section of the Enzyme Essentials web site where you will enjoy discounts of 15-25% on all of Enzyme Essentials enzyme-based nutritional supplements.

Q. How do I take advantage of my Member Discounts?
A. You must have a PASSWORD to access the "Members Only" area of the site. This area posts special prices for members as well as other member services. Once you join the E-Club, your new account is processed and your PASSWORD is E-mailed to you. Should you have a need or desire to take advantage of your membership discount to order any of Enzyme Essentials other enzyme-based supplements during the same ordering session that you sign up for the E-Club, you will be given temporary access to a special "New Member Ordering Page". This will give you access to this page only during the ordering session when you joined the E-Club. After that you will receive your password, thus giving you permanent access to member discounts for as long as you are a member.

Q. How long should I take digestive enzymes?
A. We recommend taking digestive enzymes supplements daily in order to support your digestive system throughout your life. Dr. Dick Couey, a renowned cell physiologist at Baylor University, and strong proponent of digestive enzymes, makes frequent talks and presentations throughout the U.S. where he sums up the four keys to great health: 

  • Follow a well balanced sensible eating plan
  • Exercise
  • Take some time to relax / eliminate stress
  • Take digestive enzymes

Q. Where can I get more information about the E-Club and about Enzymes Essentials' digestive enzymes if I feel I need it?
A. Enzyme Essentials' staff can answer most, if not all, of your questions. Need more information, ask a question.

Q. Do I have to join the E-Club to order digestive enzymes from Enzyme Essentials?
A. Absolutely not. You can order digestive enzymes on an "as needed" basis if you want, however, you don't get the benefit of the lower prices, nor the conveniences of automatic monthly shipping enjoyed by E-Club members. To order products as you need them, you can go to Order Enzymes.

Q. How do I join the E-Club?
A. There is only one way to join the E-Club. Joining is AUTOMATIC whenever you order the Basic Enzyme Nutrition System or the Enhanced Enzyme Nutrition System. Signing up for either of these nutrition systems ensures that you will receive your monthly supply of supplemental digestive enzymes each month, automatically, at a discounted preferred price, mailed directly to your door. All shipments are sent Priority Mail so your enzymes can be delivered to your home, apartment or P.O. Box with no problem. If ever you need to stop receiving your automatic shipment, you simply need to contact us and tell us to stop shipping. 

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