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The Healing Power of Enzymes
by DicQie Fuller, Ph.D.

Healing Power/JPEG/2
How Enzyme Supplements Can Turn Your Life Around
Price $24.95
213 pages, Copyright 1998
ISBN 0-8281-1289-4


". . . Dr. Fuller possess the unique ability to present a very complex subject matter in a way that makes it both understandable and enlightening. Her book brings the world of enzymes and their function alive with excitement . . .  I highly recommend it"

- Robert C. Greenberg, Ph.D.,D.C., F.A.S.A.
Inventor of the BTA S-2000

". . .  Now, through the introduction to Dr. DicQie Fuller and her knowledge of enzyme nutrition, I have discovered the answer to good health. Enzymes are the answer."

- Dick Couey, Ph.D., Baylor University


". . . I began the enzyme therapy Dr. Fuller suggested and I noticed adifference in my digestion and energy levels almost immediately. For me, enzyme therapy is the missing link between true wellness and physical fitness."

- Chelsi Smith Blair,
Miss Universe 1995

Table of Contents

The Healing Power of Enzymes

Part I: Supercharge Your Health with Enzymes

1 The Miracle of Enzymes

2 New Life for Your Digestive System

3 Strengthening Your Immune System with Enzymes

4 Enhance Your Mental Capacity

5 Revitalize Your Energy Level

6 Pamper Your Sexuality

Part II: Postpone Aging with Enzyme Rejuvenation

7 Forever Young with Skin Renewal

8 To a Longer, Healthier & More Youthful Life

Part III: The Enzyme Effect on Body Shape & Weight

9 What is Your Body Type?

10 Shedding Excess Fat & Weight & Enjoying It!

Part IV: Enzymes and Your Pet's Health

11 The Importance of Enzymes in Your Pet's Diet

Part V: Questions and Answers

12 Questions & Answers About Enzymes

Appendix I:
Seven Stages of Disease Progression

Appendix II:
System Enzyme Therapy




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