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    5. Sebaceous Gland Disorders (Acne, Rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis, Sebaceous Cysts) - Top

    The sebaceous glands, which secrete oil onto the skin, lie in the dermis, the skin layer just below the surface layer (epidermis). Sebaceous gland disorders include acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and sebaceous cysts.

    Acne is a common skin condition in which the skin pores become clogged, leading to pimples and inflamed, infected abscesses (collections of pus).

    Acne tends to develop in teenagers because of an interaction among hormones, skin oils, and bacteria that live on and in the skin and in the hair. During puberty, the sebaceous glands in the skin become more active and produce excessive oil (sebum). Also, dried sebum, flaked skin, and bacteria collect in skin pores, forming a comedo, which block sebum from flowing from the hair follicles up through the pores. If the blockage is incomplete, a blackhead appears; if the blockage is complete, a whitehead appears. Bacteria will grow in the clogged pores and break down some of the fats in the sebum, further irritating the skin. The irritated blackheads and whiteheads produce the skin eruptions that are commonly known as acne pimples. If the infection and irritation in the pimple get worse, an abscess may form.

    When a person has comedones, pimples and pustules (pus-filled blisters) without abscesses, the condition is called superficial acne; when inflamed pimples project down into the underlying skin and pus-filled cysts appear that may rupture and develop into larger abscesses, the condition is called deep acne.

    Acne is often worse in the winter and better in the summer, probably because of the beneficial effects of the sun. Diet has little or no effect on acne, though some people think they’re sensitive to certain foods. Eliminating these foods for several weeks and then adding them back into the diet may help determine if the foods really affect the acne. It is recommended that you take the enzyme, LypoZyme, to help digest the food properly to assure they do not become toxic to the system. Acne may also appear with each menstrual period in young women and may clear up or substantially worsen during pregnancy. Anabolic steroids are likely to make acne worse. Certain cosmetics may aggravate acne by clogging the pores.

    In deep acne, the infection can spread, producing larger red, raised inflamed areas, pus-filled cysts, and abscesses – all of which may rupture and leave scars. Squeezing pimples or trying to open them in other ways can make superficial acne worse by increasing infection, inflammation, and scarring.

    Some of the effective topicals on the market are benzoyl peroxide and various preparations containing sulfur resorcinol. Washing the face frequently is also recommended, as well as keeping clean all puffs, brushes, or pads used in applying make-up. Make-up should not be used for more than 8 to 12 months before replacing in case bacteria has started to form in the substance. Antibiotics are often recommended, but do not always work and can have other side effects after long term use.

    PureZyme, a proteolytic enzyme supplement, is recommended because of its capability to enhance the immune system to fight off infections while helping to rebuild the surrounding skin surface. LypoZyme, an enzyme high in lipase that breaks down fat and oil, is a very effective supplement for this problem. Women on antibiotics will benefit greatly from Plantadophilus , a friendly bacterium, to replace the good bacteria in the system the antibiotic is also destroying.

    Rosacea is a persistent skin disorder that produces redness, tiny pimples, and broken blood vessels, usually on the central area of the face. Occasionally rosacea appears on the torso, arms, and legs rather than on the face. The cause is still not known, and this condition usually occurs after or during middle age. Although usually easy for doctors to recognize, rosacea sometimes looks like acne and certain other skin disorders. It is recommended to avoid foods that cause the blood vessels in the skin to dilate, such as spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, and sodas. Antibiotics again are sometime recommended. Again, PureZyme and , Plantadophilus will be extremely helpful for this condition.

    Perioral dermatitis is a red, often bumpy rash around the mouth and on the chin. It may look a lot like acne or rosacea. However, an area of normal skin usually separates the edge of the lips from the rash. Corticosteroids and some oily cosmetics, especially moisturizers, tend to cause the condition or make it worse. Often the cause isn’t known, and seems to affect women between the ages of 20 to 60. Tetracycline taken by mouth is a common treatment. LypoZyme, along with PureZyme and Plantadophilus are recommended here.

    Subaceous cysts are slow-growing bumps containing dead skin, skin excretions, and other skin particles. These may be tiny and can appear anywhere, most commonly of the scalp, ears, face, back or scrotum. They tend to be firm and easy to move within the skin. Usually, they aren’t painful. When punctured, a cheesy, greasy material comes out. They can become infected. A doctor will very often remove this type of cyst. PureZyme, Plantadophilus , and LypoZyme are again recommended here.

    NOTE: The following suggestions are based on the clinical experience gathered from the Enzyme Therapy Clinic, operated by Transformation Enzyme Corp. in Houston Texas and from other clinical observations Transformation Enzyme Corp. has compiled from its associated health care practitioners who utilize enzyme therapy as part of their treatment regimens. Both Transformation Enzyme Corp. and Enzyme Essentials, LLC do not purport to diagnose disease nor do we have, or claim to have, knowledge of your medical history or your current medical condition. Therefore, we don't know, nor claim to know, if the digestive enzymes discussed here are applicable or appropriate to your current situation. We recommend that you seek the care and advice of a health care professional and that the information provided here be shared with that health care professional should you decide to act on any of this information.


    ENZYME: . PureZyme
    DOSAGE: 4 capsules, 3 times a day on an empty stomach
    EXPLANATION: Breaks down invaders in the blood supply leaving them vulnerable to destruction by the immune system thereby controlling bacteria, inflammation, skin eruptions, fungal infestation, and abscesses.

    ENZYME: . LypoZyme
    DOSAGE: 1-2 capsules with every meal depending on amount of fat in meal
    EXPLANATION: Helps digest the food, particularly fats (lipids) properly to assure they do not become toxic to the system.

    ENZYME: Plantadophilus
    DOSAGE: 3 capsules at bedtime
    EXPLANATION: Helps in controlling the pH balance in the intestinal tract preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby acting as natural antibiotic.

    Another suggestion for topical use is to take two Plantadophilus out of the capsule and add just a few drops of filtered water. Apply to all infected areas to help balance the pH of the skin. You may alternate days with the Plantadophilus and the PureZyme using the same method.

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