So I went to a new dentist last week for my cleaning and check-up, but as usual I had that tender feeling in my gums after they have been “worked over” for a bit. I know there’s a lot of bacteria stirred up in my mouth from scraping off the tartar so decided to swish with some protease enzymes that are found PureZyme when I got home. It doesn’t taste great (some people don’t mind, but I won’t lie and say I loved it), but it was good to know that I was helping to topically deal with some of the inflammation and tenderness as well as fight some of the bacteria with such a simple fix with the protease.

Want to learn more about how enzymes can help support dental health? I wrote a good article that you can find here.

What I did: Grabbed my PureZyme and a glass of water. Pulled apart up 2 PureZyme capsules and then put the powder in my mouth with some water and swished it around for about 1 minute then spit it out. Like I said, not the best taste, but not the worst. Beware though if you have any mouth ulcers at the time – ouch. The protease will debride (open up) the ulcer and it will sting! If you do have a mouth ulcer, put some Plantadophilus probiotic powder on it to speed healing and help with the discomfort. Works wonders!

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