A LOT! WE are thrilled about our new and improved powdered digestive enzyme formula called Kidz Digest.

 What makes it such a great product?

  • Our enzymes are derived from plant sources so they will survive the high-acid of the stomach and also the lower pH of the intestines to help support digestion from “end-to-end” as we say. Most animal enzymes made from pancreatic fluids need a special coating to get them through the stomach acid before they begin working. Wouldn’t you want to buy a product that STARTS working as soon as possible in your stomach?
  • Contains Protease and DPP-IV digestive enzymes for complete protein digestion. One of the most common sources of allergies is protein (think gluten, dairy, etc.). Our DPP-IV is a protein digesting enzyme that works with your body’s own digestive enzymes to help break down difficult-to-digest proteins. The rest of the protease blend is specifically tailored to assist in the digestion of all dietary proteins. So your children have a whole mess of protein digesting enzymes at work on their food!
  • We’ve also made sure to include plenty of carbohydrase enzymes to help break down starch, fiber and sugar and lipase enzymes for complete digestion of fats along with a probiotic to help maintain good flora.
  • We removed the maltodextrin (corn-based) found in the previous formula and replaced it with flax seed. Flax seed is a balanced source of omega fatty acids with fewer allergy issues for most people.

Read more and view the full ingredient list of our Kidz Digest Powder.